Buena Vista Wine Pairing Dinner


Guest of Honor:The Count of Buena Vista
Chef de Cuisine: John Patterson
Treat yourself to five carefully-crafted courses to pair with the superb wines from Buena Vista Winery
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Before there were vineyards in every valley north of San Francisco, before Napa and Sonoma were household names, before there was a California wine world at all, there was Buena Vista. Founded in 1857, Buena Vista is California’s first premium winery, and its history is as colorful as it is proud. Today, the legend is being re-born under the vision of Jean-Charles Boisset. Just outside the town of Sonoma, the original winery is now a California Historic Landmark, and home to our Winery, Tasting Room, and Visitor’s Center.

Buena Vista. Our future is our past… our vivacious, colorful, and pioneering past!

Our guest host, The Count of Buena Vista, brings to life “Father of California Viniculture,” Agoston Haraszthy. Haraszthy, or “The Count” was a Hungarian-American who pioneered the winemaking business for modern day California. Like other intriguing tales that surround him, exactly why The Count emigrated from Europe is unknown. Some say wanderlust, some say political exile. He set sail for the America’s in 1840, and chose to initially settle in what is now the state of Wisconsin. From there, the story unfolds of his journeys from Wisconsin and all throughout California in search of the perfect place to grow perfect grapes.

The Count finally established his beautiful winery in the town of Sonoma in 1857. Buena Vista became The Count’s viniculture laboratory. He constantly innovated and experimented with blends, techniques and viticultural practices, including dry-farming, hillside planting, tightly-spaced vines, and techniques to limit yields in order to increase concentration and flavor (all of which are techniques commonly used today with modern-day wine makers!)

At Broadway 10’s Buena Vista wine dinner, you will hear The Count himself tell tales of Buena Vista’s history from its beginning roots to what is going on at the winery today.