After Dinner

Chocolate Decadence – Round 2

Featuring our award winning dessert from Chocolate Decadence 2018 – A Chocolate Molten Cake, topped with Hazelnut Gelato and a decadent Chocolate Shell melted by hot Bourbon Caramel! Available until Sunday, December 23rd

Money Talks – Chocolate Sings

Chophouse Chocolate Crème brûlée Cake – say that ten times as fast as you can… Ready.. GO! A layer of B10s famous Crème brûlée, atop a layer of from-Scratch Chocolate Cake, atop a layer of Chocolate Cookie Crust, drizzled with Caramel & Chocolate sauce. Need we say more? Featuring now until April 8th!

Chocolate Decadence – Round 1

For a limited time, Broadway 10 is featuring Executive Chef John Patterson’s award-winning creation, Chocolate Decadence! Flourless Chocolate Cake on a Graham Cracker Crust, topped with Salted Caramel Gelato, Candied Bacon, and Chocolate Shavings

A Bite of the South

Rich but light, tart but sweet, from the graham cracker crust to the basil berry purée, John Patterson’s take on Key Lime Pie is sure to please! Featuring for a limited time only – this summer treat is a must try! Make your reservation now!

Modern Twist on a Classic

A dessert that originated in the British American Colonies in the 1850’s, Cobbler is a true American classic. Executive Chef John Patterson puts a modern twist on Peach Cobbler, serving it up completely deconstructed. Fried Angel Cake, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, layered with Peach Cobbler Compote, topped with Caramel Sauce